Listening Intuitively, Singing Spontaneously


Stepping aside and allowing her intuition to guide her, Cantrell sings the songs of the person and place.

Cantrell is now offering Chanteling sessions with her multiphonic voice in your home or other locations.

This song is recorded and you receive a disc of the song.

Cantrell is available to sing sacred sound prayer, invocations and chants for groups and celebrations.

In 1995 I was visiting Crete, Greece and I found myself in a small hillside chapel. I sang a beautiful song. Later i could not remember it.

Some years later I was back in the same village chapel and when I sang it was the same song. I thought maybe it is the song of this place?

This is where the word Chanteling first came into my mind.

I am so very grateful to have been honored the Grace to hear and sing these songs.

I have spent half my lifetime learning how to listen and most of my life singing.

I look forward to singing for you.


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