Vocal History


Sketches of Our Lady of Chartres, Sung a Capella with lyrics from Sharon Mehdi's book Messages, Chartres France & Ashland, OR
Moving Not Leaving, originals written with Philippe Pfeiffer, Holland, Tucson & Ashland, OR
Verve, singing Jazz standards with Johnny B. Homer, Alaska
Listen With Your Heart, Chanteling voice as instrument with Will Clipman on percussion. Tucson, AZ
Visionary Blues Band Live, vocals, Tucson, AZ
33, Mitzi Cowell, background vocals, Paris, France and Tucson, AZ
Clutter, Chris Burroughs, background vocals, Tucson, AZ.
Surve, Giant Sand ,background vocals, Tucson, AZ.
Thunderhead North," Terry Pollock,background vocals, Tucson, Az.
Dry Law, Chris Burroughs,background vocals Tucson, AZ.Heartland,
Blacky Ranchette,background vocals, Los Angeles, CA.
Never Got Hot, written and performed with Robby Kilgore and Three Sixty, NYC. NY


Where my voice has shown up over the years
Dancing People Dance Company, Ashland, OR
Orts Theatre of Dance, Tucson, AZ & Costa Rica
Zuzi dance company, Tucson, AZ.
Badgirl Storytelling Brigade, Tucson, AZ
Opening solo vocal act for Tish Hinohosa." , Tucson, AZ.
Many Tucson Folk festivals, with Mitzi Cowell
Tenthstreet Danceworks
R. Carlos Nakai